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This Plant Is A Lucky Charm — & It Will Totally Thrive In Your Home

A low-maintenance plant thought to attract wealth in feng shui? We'll take seven.

Lauren David
March 24 2022

How Feng Shui Can Help You End The Year On An Oh-So-Joyful Note

These fun routines will also set you up for a magnetic 2022.

Dana Claudat
December 14 2021

What It Means To "Make Your Own Luck" + How I've Helped Hundreds Of People Do It

We can't control everything that happens. But we can do things to put ourselves in an abundant state of mind.

Dana Claudat
April 26 2021

7 Ways To Refresh Your Life With This Weekend's Spring Equinox

At long last, spring officially hits this weekend.

Dana Claudat
March 17 2021

11 Easy Tweaks That'll Instantly Elevate The Energy Of Your Home

There's no question that our environment deeply affects our overall well-being.

Sarah Regan
February 26 2021

How To Win The Rest Of 2021, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Animal

An astrological forecast, feng shui tip, and flower essence suggestion for each Chinese zodiac animal.

Anjie Cho
February 11 2021

All You Need To Know About The Lucky Charm Of The Houseplant World

As the story goes, this tree brings hope, prosperity, and good fortune.

Carly Quellman
January 29 2021