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Aizu Factory

Producing everything in Aizu for
"Made in Japan" quality

Apart from a handful of processes, we perform all manufacturing in house at our Aizu factory in Fukushima Prefecture.
This includes grinding lenses, molding plastic parts, painting, mounting substrates,assembly, manufacturing screws and other parts, and machining molds.

Thanks to this integrated production system, we are now one of the very few manufacturers whose products are truly “Made in Japan.”

With its clean air and water and focused, hard-working people, Aizu offers an optical equipment manufacturer the perfect operating environment and conditions.

This video introduces SIGMA’s one and only manufacturing base, the AIZU factory.
In the pursuit of high-level production quality for every single model,
SIGMA manufactures all products in Japan, which is rare for a company nowadays.
Let us show you SIGMA products created with dedicated craftsmanship in the Aizu area, blessed with clean air and water.

Aizu, Japan

Made in Aizu

SIGMA: a significant market presence with a social conscience

The history of our Aizu factory, our sole production base, is also the history of SIGMA itself. From the moment we first conceived the idea of setting up a factory in Aizu, we have aimed to grow and develop as a member of the local community. We believe that when a company sets up a business base, it has an economic and cultural responsibility to the local community from that time onward. The global market may be the principal focus of our business, but our attention to responsibility begins at home.

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