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Since SIGMA’s foundation in 1961, we have continued to create inimitable products with our own unique production techniques.
SEIN is a quarterly magazine we started in 2014 to share news about our products and thoughts and ideas on photography more directly with the customers and photography enthusiasts who have supported our products over many years.
Met with requests from all over the world, we re-launched SEIN as an online magazine in 2018. SEIN Online will offer an even larger variety of articles and viewpoints to an even bigger audience than during its existence as a print magazine.

The title “SEIN” was inspired by the German word for “to be”. We would be very happy if our new SEIN magazine continued to grow and connect us with our customers all around the world.

SEIN Online Contents

Sights, scenes and views captured by photographers throughout the world using SIGMA gear

vol.1 – 22

About SIGMA’s design philosophy and manufacturing approach based on continuous innovation

vol.1 – 24

Stories from the people manufacturing SIGMA’s high-quality gear at our factory in Aizu

vol.1 – 10

SIGMA engineer Yasuhiro Ohsone tells the backstories of our cameras and lenses

vol.1 – 10

SIGMA in unexpected places, SIGMA in unexpected hands ―Introducing interesting people and projects with an unexpected connection to SIGMA’s products or history

vol.1 – 13

A photography series introducing a diversity of photographs and shooting styles, dedicated to everyone who enjoys photography with SIGMA.

vol.1 – 24

A column about everyday observations and things that matter, written by SIGMA president Kazuto Yamaki

vol.1 – 17

Photographers, photobooks, exhibitions and events that deserve attention, curated by Benrido Atelier director Taka Kawachi.

vol.1 – 17

A column exploring different ways of looking at photographs, written by photography critic Mika Kobayashi.

vol.1 – 15

New horizons, fresh ideas ̶ deeper interviews with thinkers and artists from various fields.

vol.1 – 11

Elements that represent the essence of our Aizu factory’s craftsmanship.

vol.1 – 8

Introducing the products and technologies that became a turning point in SIGMA’s continuous development of the perfect camera gear.

vol.1 – 8