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The Groundbreaking Legislation That Will Change The Beauty Industry

In December of last year, a bill passed in Congress implementing a massive update to the FDA's regulatory oversight of the beauty industry. What to...

Alexandra Engler
2 days ago

I'm An Intuitive Aura Reader & Here's What To Know About Color Palette Filters

So, what does an aura reader—who specializes in working with color for her clients—have to say about color palette filters?

Alexandra Engler
2 days ago

Use This No-Fuss Trick For Fuller-Looking Lips & Enhanced Lip Color

A bit of well-placed lip product can really help you feel pulled together in no time. Here, a no-fuss makeup technique that will make lips look soft...

The Surprising Reason Your Brows Are Uneven + How To Deal

Remember: Your brows are meant to be sisters, not twins.

Hannah Frye
January 21