Privacy Policy

At SIGMA CORPORATION (“SIGMA”), we fully acknowledge the importance of your personal information and will follow the laws on personal information and other related regulations in order to protect your personal information, and we are committed to treating your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy defined below.
Please note that the definition on the terms used in this Privacy Policy would be in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.


Personal information SIGMA acquires are as follows:

• Personal Details
Information which personally identifies a specific individual such as name, postal code, address, sex, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, user account ID etc.

• Information on business transaction
Information including details of transactions occurred between customers and SIGMA, as well as information on the past purchase record of our customers.

• Information acquired during the course of recruiting activities
Information such as on academic and business background

• Payment Information
Information such as bank account information, payment and the payment method etc.

• Information acquired when using services
Online identifiers such as cookies, device information, location information, browsing history, and other usage information related to the service (including access logs, IP addresses, browser information, browser language settings, etc.).

• Other information
Information related to inquiries and communications with SIGMA.


Your Personal information will only be processed within the scope of the purposes as specified below:

1. For the registration and verification of individuals when using the service, as well as for customer management.
2. For the delivery of SIGMA products, after-sales services, and other goods and/or services provided by SIGMA.
3. For invoicing and collecting payment for goods and services.
4. For the prevention and handling of fraudulent activities and other illicit behaviors.
5. For the maintenance and management of the service.
6. For conducting research and analysis of marketing data, as well as for considering and implementing marketing strategies.
7. To provide, solicit, advertise, and perform other marketing activities related to SIGMA products and services, or those of third parties, based on the analysis of customer attributes and behavioral history on SIGMA’s or third-party platforms.
8. For the implementation of campaigns, contests, and surveys.
9. For improving goods and services, as well as for planning, researching, and developing new products and services.
10. For use in recruitment activities and for the management of personnel information after hiring.
11. For handling inquiries and contacting customers.
12. For providing information to third parties within the scope of the stated purposes.


The Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent, but with the following exceptions:

1. When required by law.
2. When it is necessary to protect life, body, or property, and obtaining consent from the individual is difficult.
3. When it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of healthy child development, and obtaining consent is difficult.
4. When it is necessary to cooperate with national or local government agencies, or those entrusted by them, in reviewing matters stipulated by law, and obtaining consent from the Identifiable person may hinder the execution of such matters.
5. When using data in a state where individuals cannot be identified, for statistical purposes.


SIGMA will jointly use Personal information under the following conditions:

• Items of Personal information to be jointly used:
Please refer to the section under “ACQUIRED PERSONAL INFORMATION”.

• Purposes of use for the joint use of Personal information:
Please refer to the section under “PURPOSE FOR PROCESSING PERSONAL INFORMATION”.

• Range of parties with whom the information will be jointly used:
Within SIGMA group (subsidiaries, and related companies)

• Responsible body for the management of shared information:


SIGMA will take necessary and appropriate measures, including those concerning the outsourcing of Personal information handling operations to third parties (including subcontractors), to prevent leakage, loss, or damage and to ensure the security management of Personal information.

The security management measures SIGMA implements include the following:

• Establishment of basic policies:
SIGMA has established basic policies to ensure the proper handling of Personal information, including compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, as well as the establishment of a contact point for inquiries and complaints.

• Development of regulations regarding the handling of Personal information:
SIGMA has developed regulations for handling of Personal information at each stage including acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion/disposal. These regulations specify the handling methods, responsibilities, and duties of personnel involved in handling personal information.

• Institutional security management measures:
SIGMA has appointed individuals responsible for the handling of Personal information and clarified the scope of Personal information handled by employees and those who handle them. SIGMA has established a reporting and communication structure to report any facts or signs of non-compliance with laws and regulations related to Personal information to the responsible person. Additionally, SIGMA conducts periodic self-checks to monitor the handling status of Personal information.

• Personnel security management measures:
SIGMA provides regular training to employees on matters related to the handling of Personal information. Furthermore, confidentiality provisions regarding Personal information are included in our employment regulations.

• Physical security management measures:
Within areas where Personal information is handled, such as business premises, SIGMA implements measures to control employee access and restrict the introduction of devices and equipment. SIGMA also takes measures to prevent unauthorized access to Personal information by unauthorized individuals. Additionally, SIGMA implements measures to prevent theft or loss of devices, electronic media, and documents that handle Personal information. When transporting such devices, electronic media, or documents, including during movements within the premises, SIGMA takes measures to prevent identification of Personal information.

• Technological security management measures:
SIGMA implements access control measures to limit the scope of Personal information handled by each responsible person. Furthermore, the devices and equipment SIGMA uses, such as PCs, have mechanisms in place to protect information systems which handle Personal information from unauthorized access or malicious software.

• Identification of external environments:
SIGMA understands the legal systems related to the protection of the Personal information in countries where Personal information may be stored and implement security management measures accordingly.


• Personal information will be promptly deleted after achieving the purpose of use. However, if there are specific legal requirements or regulations, SIGMA will retain the information in accordance with those provisions and delete it thereafter.

• Personal information registered on SIGMA’s online shopping website will be promptly deleted after the user’s withdrawal or cancellation.


SIGMA will respond to requests for disclosure, etc., as defined below (including requests for notification of purpose of use, disclosure of Personal information or third-party provision records, correction/addition/deletion of Personal information, suspension of use, and suspension of third-party provision).
SIGMA also handles requests for the withdrawal of consent to this Privacy Policy. Please send your request to the following email address:

Address: 2-8-15 Kurigi, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 215-0033, Japan
TEL: +81-44-989-7430

(Note: SIGMA will not be able to accept requests made directly in person at our office. Thank you, in advance, for your kind understanding)

For inquiries concerning Personal information acquired during the course of SIGMA’s recruitment activities, please contact the following:


For inquiries, changes (corrections), deletions, and requests to stop receiving various information, change email addresses, or delete information related to online user registration such as the use of SIGMA’s online shop, please log in to the member page and personally inquire, modify, or delete (correct) the information you registered.