The right tools
for unique, special moments

SIGMA is a manufacturing company that produces and distributes digital cameras, interchangeable lenses and photographic accessories.
Since our foundation in 1961, we have exclusively produced photography- and video-related products.
In other words, we are a company that focuses all its efforts on creating tools for photography.

Why does photography matter to us so much?
Because we believe that any moment chosen to be photographed or filmed is, in some way, a special moment that carries a unique significance.
Because we believe that being a small part of these moments, contributing our best to these moments, is the most fulfilling mission we can imagine for us.

The right tools for special, unique moments.
Innovative, never-before seen products and services,
at unparalleled quality, available anywhere in the world.

With these inexhaustible ideals as our goals,
SIGMA continues to innovate and explore with unmatched dedication and fervor.

Our priorities

Creating innovative products and services

We provide innovative products that offer new and inimitable values, created with a comprehensive know-how based on our experience developing cameras, lenses and accessories as well as sensors and software. We approach design from the perspective of the photographer and strive to provide products and services that make sense and satisfy needs.

Ensuring quality and performance that surpass expectations

From our sole manufacturing base in Aizu to our supply chain in the Tohoku region, all of our products are completely “Made in Japan.” The close communication between each part of our production system enables an exceptional level of manufacturing technology and quality control, allowing us to provide products, features and quality that continue to surpass expectations.

Being a true global company

We are constantly expanding the scope of our distribution network and service system so that SIGMA products can be acquired and enjoyed without difficulty anywhere in the world. As a member of the global society, we regard it as our responsibility to respect our world’s universal values, and it is our aim to establish SIGMA as a beloved brand around the world through our actions as a company.